Art Short

Beginning Again

Ethereal Vocal, swirling pads and liquid transitions. 
Director: Alexandre Tamisier

Abstract Forms

Organic modular synths and wonky acoustic guitars coupled with subtle foley nuances and lofi percussion.  
Animation Studio: Adora Attack

The Sparrow

We created a bespoke collection of instruments now dubbed as the “Animal Chorus”. Every sound you hear was originally a migratory animal vocalisation which we put through a sampler and processed in a number of different ways.
  • Eurasian Tree Sparrow
  • NZ Tui

  • Humpack Whale

  • Megellanic Penguin

  • Common Rooster

  • African Zebra

  • Waterfowl

  • Bats

  • Tree Frogs

Making of..

Regardless of whether you make music as an artist or as a composer for media, most of us are trying to tell stories with our sounds.

How can we continue to advance ourselves on this journey? Tom Smith AKA Menik composer / sound designer and owner of Soundsmiths recently sat down with us to share how he used samples creatively to tell stories in the score for The Sparrow, a film that sheds light on one of the many struggles immigrants face on a day-to-day basis in modern Britain.

In the tutorial video above, he begins by walking us through the essentials for setting up a scoring workflow in Logic Pro X. From there, he dives into how he transformed the sounds of various animals into textures and instruments using tools like Alchemy, iZotope’s Trash, and more.


Montana: Mini

Wonky Synths combined with delicious vocal edits interplay with a future garage drum break. 
Client: Montana Furniture
Director: Jake Adler 

Modular Sneaker

exploration into the free digital modular instrument VCV rack

Vapor Lambo’s

exploration into synth & vapor wave  using arpeggiated synths, 80’s drum machines and modified engines. 
Director: Mike & Payne

Creeper vs Cyber Punk

Cyber punk inspired sound design with Riddim/hip hop hybrid score.
Animation Studio: Shotopop
Illustration: Tony Riff
Brand Film

Manchester United: You Get Out What You Put In

Emotional contemporary strings & piano eb and flow between arpeggios.   

– Music Only

Client: Manchester United
Production Company: Wing London

Favela Drift

exploration into favela trap AKA Baile Funk. 
Director: Mike & Payne